How to Start a Garden

The abundance of garden seeds we supply come from a site with a similar name I became a fan of them when working on a organic market garden in Western Slope, Colorado. Circle A Garden. Betsy taught me how to harvest almost every vegetable known to man. She has a bunch of recipes at

Aquire Seeds from your Zone

  • Inspect this Map, click to enlarge, and find your zone. This is how you will know what seeds to buy.
  •  Garden Hardiness Zone Map
  • Find seeds, I like
  • Prepare yourself by reading each seeds instructions

Start the Seeds

Seeds do best in different ways. You can germinate them in paper towels, then transfer them to their starting tray. Keep them well watered (and drained).

Plant them in the bed

Plant the seeds per seed packet instructions and transplant it out of the starting tray into the lightly packed soil.

I recommend starting with onions and greens. You can grow many in small areas and it requires low skill.